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Oly lifting setback and breakthrough.

Ive been working on my olympic lifts for the last couple months. In July, I set a goal for myself to get my snatch up to 135 lbs. I had one day where I got 125 lbs, and worked pretty hard on 130 lbs, but just couldn’t catch it overhead. Since then, I haven’t been able to break 115. It’s been a little frustrating. It’s frustrating not to be able to hit my PR. It’s frustrating to regress to where I can power snatch more than I can squat snatch.

I’ve been doing a linear progression lifting program (which I’ll detail soon), and watching my squats go up into uncharted territory. My previous max was 235 lbs, and this morning I was moving 255×5 for three sets. My clean and jerk is also moving upward. A couple weeks ago, I hit struggled to hit 180 for a PR. In competition, I power cleaned 85kg (187), but pressed out the jerk. A week later, I cleaned and jerked 190 lbs.

But my squat snatch is stagnant at 115, even though I can power snatch 120. Today, I was even struggling to get 115. The 8:30 was finishing up their warm ups, and I was still working on it. Brad walked by and said “your swinging the bar.” What!? I’d worked on that. I’d gotten a good linear bar path. That was fixed, right? Wrong. The bar kept falling down in front of me, and I couldn’t land it in a comfy overhead squat.

Before now, the main critique I’ve gotten was that I need to be more explosive, so I’d been working on moving faster when I pick up the bar. I think this “correction” was causing me to rush the first pull, and getting myself into a bad position for the second pull. So I slowed it all down, got the bar past my knees, and then drove hard from there. On the second try, the bar landed smoothly in the squat, and I drove it up. At that point, I had to leave to catch my bus, so I wasn’t able to really drill it home, but I think it might be the fix to break through my plateau.

Dave also made the very sensible suggestion that I might spend some time drilling assistance lifts. Some snatch pulls might help me work on keeping a vertical bar path, and getting into the right position for the second pull. We also talked about snatch balances, but when I get in the right position, I feel pretty comfortable catching the weight, so for now, I’m going to stick with the pulls.

Whatever I do, I need to solidify this correction, so I can get back to moving the weight up. I can’t wait to get those 45s on the bar.

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